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Impact Stories

A stroke can affect a survivor's personality

A stroke can affect a survivor's personality, which can be very challenging to deal with for their family and friends.

The Stroke Recovery Association of Barrie and District provides services to survivors of stroke and other brain injuries and their family members, particularly caregivers. The primary goal is to provide social support while also providing exercise programs like pool and chair exercise in addition to speech therapy. Regular social events are a key element as well. This includes brown bag social lunches and various excursions like boat trips and movies.

Mary and Ron were married many years before his stroke. Ron was a quiet, gentleman full of kindness and love. Though he had no serious physical side effects from his stroke, he became an outgoing, funny, social guy --- so, not who Mary had lived with for so many years. Though Mary still loved Ron deeply, living with and caring for him was now far more demanding socially and emotionally. The services of the Stroke Recovery Association gave Ron the social outlet he needed and Mary the break that she needed. They developed lifelong friends and, as importantly, a support network.

This program has been made possible in part thanks to Charitable Gaming, Community Good funding